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Videos are a great way for you to get noticed! What’s better about it? Sharing them on social media, where people can see your brand in the spotlight. What’s most important with videos? It’s gotta catchy, and you have to make sure it looks professional. I’ll guide you in all aspects when I’ll tell you about the following trippiest music videos.

In this article, I will talk about “Trippiest Music Videos”. Let’s start.

Top 10 Psychedelic Music Videos That Will Trip Your Mind

Psychedelic Music Videos And Technology

Psychedelic Music Videos And Technology

Psychedelic music videos have been around for years. The style is more than just trippy patterns and colors, though. It’s also about manipulating the human brain through technology.

In this article, we’ll explore how psychedelics affect the brain and why they’re so effective at creating beautiful music videos. We’ll also talk about how modern technology has allowed us to experience this trippy visual style in new ways.

The psychedelic music video is a genre of its own. It’s a mix of art, technology and live performance that explores the boundaries of how we see music.

Psychedelic music videos have been around since the 1960s when bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones used psychedelic imagery in their videos. In the 1990s, it was still very common for bands to experiment with this style of music video.

Psychedelic music videos often feature bright colors and trippy visuals to create an immersive experience for fans. Artists like Tame Impala, Radiohead and Gorillaz have all released psychedelic music videos over the years.

In recent years, technology has become an important part of psychedelic music videos as well. Many artists have experimented with virtual reality (VR) to create immersive experiences for fans who want to go deeper into their music than ever before.

The Best Psychedelic Music Videos

Best Psychedelic Music Videos

Psychedelic music videos have been around for decades, and they’ve evolved into an art form all their own.

Psychedelic music videos are characterized by a colorful and trippy aesthetic that makes it difficult to tell what’s real and what’s not. These videos often feature distorted imagery, bright colors and symbols that represent the artist’s message. They can be hard to understand at first glance but become clearer after repeated viewings.

Psychedelic music videos are often accompanied by trippy visuals that challenge the viewer’s perception of reality. Videos like “Losing My Religion” by R.E.M., “Let It Happen” by Tame Impala and “Enter Sandman” by Metallica all feature elements of psychedelia in their visuals.

We’ve collected some of our favorite psychedelic music videos below!

These trippy music videos are a trip.

The Best Psychedelic Music Videos

And the trippiest ones from the past five decades.

We’ve rounded up some of the best psychedelic music videos ever made, as well as some of the trippiest ones from the past five decades.

The video for “Space Oddity” was one of the first major recordings to use an astronaut’s helmet as a prop and set it on fire to create an eerie effect. It was also one of the first music videos to feature an astronaut floating through space, though it was clearly staged with wires and camera tricks. The video is frequently cited as one of the most important in pop culture history because it helped launch David Bowie’s career by creating excitement around his new alter ego Ziggy Stardust.

Although this video doesn’t contain any explicit drug use or psychedelic imagery, it does show how Michael Jackson became famous for his dance moves like no other pop star before him. He took inspiration from Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, but he brought something new to those classic styles by adding elements of funk music and disco dancing into his routines — which led to him becoming known as King of Pop (or simply MJ).

Air – Sing Sang Sung (2009)

Sing Sang Sung (2009)

The video for this song is a bit trippy and perhaps hard to understand. But, if you are into psychedelic videos, then you will love this one. The video was directed by Jean-Baptiste Erreca who also directed the music video for Air’s “Kelly Watch the Stars”.

The video features Air playing instruments in a dark room while various people dance around them. There are a lot of visual effects used throughout the video that make it look pretty cool. This makes it easy to see how this video could be considered one of the most trippy music videos ever made.

The Air music video for “Sing Sang Sung” is a visual feast of color, creativity and imagination. The video opens with a man in a suit riding a bike around France. The camera zooms in on his face then pans down to reveal that he is actually wearing a mask that has been taken off by another man who also wears a mask.

The video then cuts to shots of the band performing in front of various colored backgrounds, while the masked men dance around them. At one point, they are seen riding motorbikes while wearing masks and dressed as astronauts.

At the end of the song, the band members are seen dancing in front of a large mirror which shows their faces behind them as they sing into microphones. This image serves as an interesting representation of how we all see ourselves when we look into mirrors — what we see is not necessarily what others see when they look at us.

Pencil Draw – Chris Casady (1988)

Chris Casady, the director of Pencil Draw, was a student at CalArts when he made his first music video, for the song “The Man With The 4-Way Hips.” The video was a parody of The Man With The Golden Gun (1974), starring Roger Moore as James Bond.

Casady’s next video, Pencil Draw, was released in 1988. It features handmade stop-motion animation.

The music video was made using a Super 8mm camera and old Kodachrome film stock that had been discontinued since 1954.

There are no special effects in this video – everything you see is real. It took over six months to make it because each frame required manual animation.

When it comes to the trippiest music videos, it’s hard to top Pencil Draw. The 1988 video for Chris Casady’s “Pencil Draw” uses stop-motion animation to create an otherworldly landscape of geometric shapes, psychedelic colors, and morphing objects. The stop-motion technique is used in countless music videos today, but few have ever been as trippy as this one.

The video was directed by Bill Yukich and produced by MTV’s first in-house producer David Fincher (yes, that one). Yukich was inspired by the work of experimental animator Norman McLaren, who created a short film called Begone Dull Care in 1935 that used many similar techniques.

Cut Copy – Corner Of The Sky (Unofficial Music Video, 2011)

Trippiest Music Videos

Cut Copy – Corner Of The Sky (Unofficial Music Video, 2011)

A man is walking through a city and takes a break to admire the view. He stops at an old wooden bench and sits down. He notices that there’s something strange about the bench – it looks like it’s moving! As he leans back, he sees that it’s actually floating in mid-air. It turns out that this is just one of the many magical things in this world, where reality bends and breaks at will.

The music video for Cut Copy’s “Corner of the Sky” was created by Sydney-based video director Peter Huang, who also made “Louie Louie” by Janoskians and “The Boys Are Back In Town” by 5 Seconds Of Summer.

Cut Copy – Corner of the Sky

This unofficial video by Navid Rashid is a trippy journey through space and time. It’s like a psychedelic blend of The Wizard of Oz and 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s also completely mesmerizing.

The video is based on a short story written by Rashid called “The Last of the Mohicans.” It’s basically about two children who get lost in a forest, meet a bunch of weird creatures, then wake up in their own beds to discover that it was all just a dream.

Despite being made for fun, it’s clear that Rashid put a lot of work into this project — he even hired an orchestra to perform the score live. And it shows! The cinematography alone makes this one worth watching over and over again.

Trippiest Music Videos Top 10 Psychedelic Music Videos That Will Trip Your Mind

Larry Carlson – Contact The Star People (2008)

Larry Carlson – Contact The Star People (2008)

This video has it all: a crazy story line, alien abduction, and a lot of weird stuff.

Sensationalized for maximum effect, it’s not difficult to see why some people think this video is real. The story is about a man who claims to have been abducted by aliens in the 1970s, who then return decades later to meet him again.

The video was shot in New Mexico and has an eerie desert vibe. It also has some pretty trippy effects that make you wonder what exactly you’re watching. The combination of all these things makes for one of the most popular UFO videos on YouTube today.

Larry Carlson is an American public figure and musician who claims to have been contacted by extraterrestrials since the age of eight.

Carlson has been interviewed on dozens of radio shows, including Coast to Coast AM, and documentaries such as Alien Encounters (2009), The Hidden Hand: Alien Insights into Human History (2010), and UFO Hunters (2008). He also appeared in a documentary called Revelations of an Alien Contactee (2013).

Contact The Star People was released on September 17, 2008. It is a music video created by Larry Carlson based on his experiences with extraterrestrial beings. The video includes various clips from interviews with Larry Carlson, as well as images from his personal life.

Birdfractals In Utrecht (2011)

Birdfractals In Utrecht (2011)

Birdfractals is a video made by the Dutch artist Bart Jansen. The video was filmed in 2011 in a city called Utrecht. The video consists of footage of birds flying, falling and colliding into objects. The birds are then replaced with cats which collide with objects at the same speed and angle as the birds. This gives the illusion that the cats are still alive.

The animal rights group PETA filed a complaint against Bart Jansen for killing and torturing animals for his art project. However, after investigation by the Public Prosecution Service, it was determined that Jansen’s actions were legitimate under Dutch law because they were done for art and not commercial gain.

Birdfractals In Utrecht (2011)

This is a music video by Dutch band Birdfractals, who are named after a fractal image discovered by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot. The video features close-ups of the band members’ faces, as well as shots of them playing live. The camera work is inspired by Dutch new wave and punk films from the 1970s and 1980s.

Blackbird Blackbird (2010)

Blackbird Blackbird (2010)

The video for Blackbird Blackbird’s “Vegetable Song” is the most trippy music video of the decade. The visual effects are captivating and make you feel like you’re in some sort of dream world. Though it may be difficult to follow what exactly is going on in the video, it’s worth watching multiple times just to see how much detail has gone into it.

The song itself is a great tune and features a catchy chorus that’ll be stuck in your head long after watching the video.

Blackbird Blackbird (2010)

“Blackbird Blackbird” is a song by the English alternative rock band Florence and the Machine, taken from their debut studio album Lungs (2009). It was released on 28 November 2009 as the fourth single from that album. The song was produced by Paul Epworth and features guest vocals from blues musician L.D. Brown. The song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal at the 52nd Grammy Awards in 2011.

The video for “Blackbird Blackbird” features Florence Welch singing in front of a microphone in a recording booth and then singing in front of a microphone with her bandmates watching behind her. The video was directed by Tabitha Denholm, who previously directed the videos for “Dog Days Are Over” and “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)”.

Chemical Brothers – Let Forever Be (2003)

The Chemical Brothers’ video for “Let Forever Be” is an acid trip of a video that features some pretty trippy visuals. The video was released in 2003 and directed by Dom & Nic, who also directed the Chemical Brothers’ “Do it Again” music video.

The video begins with a group of people dancing to the beat while they’re wearing masks. Suddenly, the dancers start breaking out into fits of rage, attacking each other violently and ripping off their masks (it’s probably safe to say that this mini-riot symbolizes the chaos that can happen when you take drugs). The video then shows a scene where two men are running away from each other through an endless desert. At one point in the video, one of them takes off his mask to reveal himself as being an old man (this could be symbolic of how drugs can make you feel younger). The video ends with one of them taking off his mask to reveal himself as being dead (which could be symbolic of how drugs can kill you).

This is definitely one of the most trippiest Chemical Brothers music videos out there!

Trippiest Music Videos Top 10 Psychedelic Music Videos That Will Trip Your Mind

Depaul Game Elites – The Devil’S Tuning Fork (2009)

In 2009, the group Depaul Game Elites released a music video for their song “The Devil’s Tuning Fork.” The video was directed by Jason Baker and produced by Branden Conway.

The video starts off with a man sitting on a couch watching TV when all of a sudden he hears a noise coming from outside his apartment building. He goes out to investigate and finds himself in an alternate universe where he is surrounded by people who look exactly like him but are dressed in different colors. He then sees a woman walking down the street carrying her dog, but instead of being white she is black.

He returns home and continues watching TV until he hears more noises coming from outside, so he goes out again to see what is going on this time only to find himself in yet another alternate universe where everyone is made of Lego bricks.

After seeing yet another alternate universe where everything looks normal except for one thing – the sky is pink – the man decides that enough is enough and decides to stay at home until it all ends or until someone comes up with an explanation for these strange occurrences.

Blu – Big Bang Big Boom (2011)

“Big Bang Big Boom” is a song by American rapper Blu. It features vocals from Cee Lo Green, whose solo version was released as a single in 2010. The song was released as the lead single from Blu’s second studio album, “Always Looking Up”. The song was produced by Oh!mega Watts and was mixed by Manny Marroquin.

The music video for “Big Bang Big Boom” was directed by Dave Free and produced by Evan Silverberg and Matt Held of Freeform Films. It premiered on BET’s 106 & Park on November 17, 2011.

YG Entertainment’s hip hop group Big Bang is known for their eccentric music videos and Big Bang’s 2011 release of “Blue” was no exception. The music video for “Blue” features a giant robot attacking Seoul, which is later revealed to be the result of an alien invasion. The video was inspired by the movie Pacific Rim and director Seungri (who worked on the song) stated that it took over 100 people to make this video happen.

The most memorable scene in this music video is when T.O.P transforms into an alien creature that shoots lasers out of his eyes and mouth. This scene has been parodied many times since its release but with each parody, it only makes us love the original even more!

Alejandro Jodrowski – The Holy Mountain (1973)

Alejandro Jodrowski – The Holy Mountain (1973)

Alejandro Jodorowsky is a film director, screenwriter, playwright and actor. He was born in Tocopilla, Chile on February 19, 1929. In the 1950s, he studied at the Dramatic School of the National Institute of Arts. He began his career as an actor in theater and film in Mexico before moving to Paris where he became involved in avant-garde theatre with Roland Topor and Michel Garbin. He also worked as a composer for Jean-Luc Godard and Pierre Etaix.

In 1970, he directed his first feature film El Topo which was followed by The Holy Mountain (1973), The Rainbow Thief (1976) and Dune (1984). He also wrote several books including The Incal series which consist of two volumes: Incal (1981) and Final Incal (1994).

Alejandro Jodrowski – The Holy Mountain (1973)

This is not only the trippiest music video of all time, it’s also one of the most hauntingly beautiful. It was directed by Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky and stars his then-wife, Amanda Lear, as a woman searching for her lover who has been abducted by a gang of criminals. Lear’s character wanders through an abandoned castle, encountering strange characters like a nude man who cavorts in front of a mirror to an orchestral version of “Surfin’ Bird.” The video is part acid trip, part dream sequence and part surrealist nightmare all rolled into one.

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Music videos are a great way to show off your brand and spread your message.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some of the trippiest music videos ever made.

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FAQs for Trippiest Music Videos

Now that you understand “Trippiest Music Videos”, let’s move on to the FAQ section.

What Is The Weirdest Music Video?

The Weirdest Music Video

It’s not just the lyrics that are weird in this song, it’s also the music video. It features the members of BTS dancing in a room with black walls and floor. The only color in the room is their outfits and some of their props. The song is called “Boy With Luv,” but they are dressed as girls for this performance.

The video has over 200 million views on YouTube, and it was released on April 12, 2019.

Well, this is certainly a good question. There’s no one answer that fits all of the weirdest music videos out there. The thing about music videos is that they’re quite subjective and can bring up a lot of different emotions in people.

Some music videos have weird elements to them, but those are usually explained or justified within the context of the video or song itself. For example, the song “California Dreaming” by the Mamas and Papas has a weird part where they sing about walking down a street with their heads on fire, but it makes sense in context because it’s about feeling like your life is going nowhere fast.

Other times, you have artists like Lady Gaga who just do whatever they want and don’t care if anyone likes it. This leads to some pretty strange things happening in her videos like when she dresses up as a mermaid or wears nothing but meat for “Alejandro.”

So how do you know if something is weird enough to make it onto this list? Well, we went through all of our favorite music videos and picked out our favorite 10 that were just plain strange!

What Is The Most Iconic Music Video Of All Time?

The most iconic music video of all time? That’s a tough question to answer. I mean, there are so many great ones.

I’m going to go with one that has a very special place in my heart: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Let me explain why this is the most iconic music video of all time.

First off, it was released way back in 1983 and the video itself cost $500,000 at the time. That’s nothing compared to today’s standards where some artists spend millions on their videos, but back then it was unprecedented.

Secondly, this was a very different kind of video for its time because it was essentially an entire movie that played out through the course of its 6-minute runtime. It wasn’t just a collection of random clips spliced together; everything had a purpose and helped build up to something bigger than what you would expect from other videos at the time.

Finally, there were so many memorable scenes from this video that have become part of pop culture history over the years (e.g., Michael Jackson dancing with zombies). Those kinds of things don’t happen unless you have something truly special on your hands.

What Is The Scariest Music Video Ever?

What Is The Scariest Music Video Ever?

There are some scary music videos out there, but which ones are the scariest? Here’s a list of the top 10 scariest music videos ever.

“Thriller” by Michael Jackson

You can’t talk about scary music videos without mentioning this classic from Michael Jackson. It was his only number one hit in the UK, and it was also one of the first music videos to be broadcast on MTV. The video for “Thriller” was directed by John Landis and features numerous references to horror films like An American Werewolf in London and Night of the Living Dead. It also features zombies and vampires, which is why it’s so terrifying!

The scariest music video ever is “The Experiment,” by the band Mindless Self Indulgence. In it, the members of M.S.I. are wearing clown makeup and are locked in cages that are suspended over a pool of piranhas. The band members in the cages have to perform a complicated dance routine, but because they’re locked up and have no room to move, this becomes an impossible task. It’s like watching a modern version of the old story about the guy who has to climb up an endless ladder — except with piranhas instead of lions at the top.

No wonder it has over 1 million views on YouTube!

What Is The Weirdest Genre Of Music?

There are a lot of different genres of music, but none are weirder than this one.

The weirdest genre might be the one that most people don’t even know exists: Vaporwave.

Vaporwave is a form of electronic music that was mostly created by producers on the internet (often using software like FL Studio). You can hear elements of it in songs like “Moshi Moshi Harajuku” by Kero Kero Bonito, “House Work” from Yung Lean and “Downtown LA” from Saint Pepsi. The thing that makes it so weird is its use of samples from old music and movies, often slowed down to create an eerie effect. It also features a lot of retro imagery like 8-bit graphics and analog computers.

Other weird genres include Glo-Fi (gloomy folk), Witch House (experimental hip hop), Witch Rave (experimental rave) and Death Folk (death metal folk).

If you’ve ever wondered what the strangest genre of music is, you need look no further. The answer lies in the music video for “Dancing on the Sun” by Jamiroquai.

The video features a group of people dancing in an abandoned warehouse and wearing animal masks. At one point, they all get into a car and drive away, leaving behind a trail of fire behind them.

This isn’t just your average music video. In fact, there’s nothing ordinary about it at all. But that’s probably why it caught my attention in the first place — because it was so different from anything else I’d seen before!

I’m not sure what genre this song would fall under, but I do know that it’s unlike any other song out there right now. It’s weird, but in a good way (if that makes sense).

Trippy Music Videos Youtube

The Trippy Music Videos Youtube channel has over 1 million subscribers and it features music videos that are trippy, psychedelic and otherworldly. The videos are made from a variety of different medias including stop-motion animation, live action, CGI, rotoscoping, chroma key and more.

Some of the most popular videos on the channel include “Caveman,” “Dinosaur Stomp” and “Elastic Body.” These videos have been viewed millions of times by people around the world who love watching psychedelic and trippy videos like these.

If you enjoy watching these types of videos, then you should check out the Trippy Music Videos Youtube channel today!

1. The Beatles-Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

The Beatles are known for their trippy music videos and this is one of their best. In this psychedelic music video, we see how the song’s title is represented by a young girl who is on a trip. She imagines herself as a little girl playing with her friends and drawing pictures of flowers and animals. Next, she imagines herself as an adult woman who is living in New York City and taking drugs. The video ends with her having a bad trip and seeing strange things like trees coming out of people’s heads, which is what happens when someone takes LSD or other psychedelic drugs.

2. Pink Floyd-Another Brick in the Wall Part 2

This video shows children going through school and being brainwashed into becoming “the man” who does whatever he wants without thinking about his actions or consequences. It also shows how education can be used to break down society so that it can be rebuilt according to someone else’s desires (i.e., the government). This video was controversial because it was banned on MTV due to its political message against school systems and government control over citizens’ lives.

Conclusion for Trippiest Music Videos

We hope you enjoyed our selection of trippiest music videos. Even if some of these videos “weren’t your cup of tea”, we hope that you now have a greater understanding of the art form, and it may even inspire you to create one yourself. Be sure to check back soon for more insightful top tens published regularly on Listverse.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you get the point of “Trippiest Music Videos”. If not, please contact me or leave a comment below. I would be pleased to help in any way I can.

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