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The Ultimate Room-by-Room Interior Lighting Guide

Lighting up your space should not be stressful when you have a room-by-room guide to help. Whether you are working on a new lighting project or remodeling a space, taking time to select suitable light fixtures is essential to achieve the desired atmosphere. With that in mind, continue reading to learn more about proper lighting for different rooms. 

Living Room

Your living room can use various light fixtures. For starters, you need overhead lights like ceiling lights, chandeliers, and pendant lights for general lighting purposes. These items light up the entire room and come in various shapes and sizes to match your preferences and space.

If you read in your living room, you will need a task light like a table or a floor lamp.  Floor lamps also light up dark areas around your living room. That being said, ensure you choose suitable brightness for your living room for added comfort.


Your bedroom usually needs warm, yellowish lighting to help you fall asleep more easily. Ensure you install the overhead light fixture towards the center of your bedroom and not right above your headboard.

Regarding light brightness, bedrooms need illumination ranging from 2,700 to 3,000 lumens, although some spaces can use more or less brightness. You can also combine general lights in your bedroom with wall lamps and table lamps for better illumination and convenience; it is called layering. 

Moreover, dimmable lights are great for bedrooms, as they help create a soothing atmosphere for sleep and romance.

Dining Room

Your dining area can use some stylish pendant lights to give meal times a serene atmosphere. You can also go with a dazzling, crystal chandelier to add a fancy touch to your dining room. 

You want to have a good time when eating with your family, friends, or significant other, and proper lighting makes a huge difference. That being said, many dining rooms need only one light source; therefore, make sure it provides adequate lighting for your table.  


Like other rooms, brightness, layering, and proper light positioning are vital when illuminating your kitchen. Consider having some nice pendant lights with neutral light in your kitchen; a bigger space will need more lights for adequate lighting and decoration. You can also settle for ceiling lights and combine them with wall lamps and under-cabinet lights to illuminate those dark areas. 


As for your bathroom, one overhead lighting source is enough if the space is small. A pendant or ceiling light can do the job easily. Nonetheless, bigger bathrooms can always use more than one light fixture. For example, you can have a ceiling light for general lighting and wall lamps as well. You can also have a lighted mirror or pendant lights on either side of the mirror for makeup application. 

What about commercial spaces like offices, restaurants, hotels, and bars? Ceiling lights and pendant lights provide essential lighting for these spaces. The market provides these fixtures in many styles, designs, and sizes; thus, you are able to find the appropriate light for your space. Floor lamps, table lights, and wall lights can also be used where applicable to provide adequate illumination. 

With a room-by-room lighting guide, get to brighten your spaces with the right fixtures. There are many lighting solutions to choose from, so find what suits your needs as per the above guide and transform your space.

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