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Are you a writer and looking for a writing opportunity to showcase your talent? You will be happy to know that Staganddagger.co.uk is now accepting guest blog posts from authors worldwide who are passionate about writing and can write good and engaging content.

Our website Staganddagger.co.uk is a platform where we publish helpful content to ease people’s lives and make them aware of multiple things.

Our Categories in which we publish blogs:

We serve content of all categories (excluding) illegal and adult categories to our readers.

Here is the list of our primary categories:

  • News
  • Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • Marketing
  • Health
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Sports

If you don’t find your niche in the list mentioned above, feel free to contact our team with your writing idea.

Guidelines to publish a guest post on our website:

Here are the guidelines which you need to follow to get publish your article in our website:

Write unique and plagiarism-free content only:

Uniqueness is the most important factor in publishing any content on our website. Your content shall be 100% plagiarism free as per genuine plagiarism testing tools.

No one wants to read the same content again and again. Imagine watching your favourite Movie on repeat. Won’t you be feeling bored? Also, it will not add any value to the users as they will be consuming the same content again, wasting time.

Which affects users’ web search experience and also Google Strictly prohibits plagiarised content and keeps a close eye on it.

So, if you want to feature your post on our website, pay attention to uniqueness.

Write SEO-friendly Content

The content we create that publishes on our website is only visible to the readers via a search engine. Very few people will directly type the URL of the website to read the content.

Most people search for the term related to their subject, then click on the top blogs and start reading them.

SEO-friendly content increases visibility and drives website traffic, eventually converting people into leads.

SEO-friendly content means you follow all the guidelines published and updated by search engines from time to time.

So, following SEO-friendly Guidelines is a must to increase the visibility of your content.

Is there any word limit?

There is no exact word limit for any content, and it depends on the article’s subject. However, in general, we don’t publish less than 1000-word write-ups which can go up to 3000 words.

External links and Images:

In every write-up, it is mandatory to add a minimum of one image for each subject. Images increase the understandability of the content and make it easy and interesting to read for the readers.

Images shall be copyrighted free, and if you struggle to find the right image, you can contact our team; they will help you find suitable images but don’t copy images from unauthorised sources.

When it comes to adding external links, we allow a maximum of 2 links in one blog post, they shall be spam-free, and links are allowed to be added in the author bio section only.

How to submit a guest post for publication?

If you have written an interesting write-up by following all the guidelines mentioned above, then you need to send an email by attaching your write-up in doc format to below-mentioned email address.

Email Id: info@staganddagger.co.uk

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